General information

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The workshop will focus on quantum aspects of spin and orbital degrees of freedom in transition metal compounds and in model systems that are discussed in the context of entangled states. The purpose of the workshop is to exchange ideas and to promote collaborations in this emerging and active field. The workshop is organized within the European Science Foundation Program on Highly Frustrated Magnetism which supports the organization of a series of conferences exploring different aspects of the physics of frustrated magnetic systems (cf. the webpage of the Braunschweig conference).

The following topics are planned to be covered and discussed during the workshop:

Meeting program and organization

The workshop will cover the above topics in dedicated sessions during three days. Most contributions will be presented as 30 minutes talks, including discussion. Poster session will be also organized, with posters displayed during the entire workshop (the posters will be discussed during the poster session and during the breaks). The abstracts of the contributions will be collected in a single booklet which will be given to the participants on the day of arrival. The workshop attendance is limited to 45 participants.

The workshop is a satellite conference to the European Conference Physics of Magnetism'08 to be held in Poznań, Poland (June, 24 - June, 27 2008) and the workshop participants are encouraged to consider joining this meeting.

The conference centre is situated in a peaceful wooden area ca. 5 km from the centre of Cracow. The guesthouse is located ca. 100m from the conference centre. The historic city of Cracow (Kraków) with its second oldest Jagellonian University in Central Europe may be visited before or after the workshop.

Peter Lemmens, Andrzej M. Oleś (chairman), and Karlo Penc

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